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xTool S1 20W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutting Machine

xTool S1 20W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutting Machine

Brand: Xtool
Category: 3D Printer


  • Banggood xTool S1 20W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutting Machine $2,299
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  • Banggood xTool S1 40W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutting Machine $2,699.00
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  • [Pre-order] S1 20W will ship from mid to late-Nov【Class 1 Safety Diode Laser Machine】xTool S1 is a Class 1 (FDA certificated) diode laser engraving machine to ensure user safety. It will automatically stop working when the enclosure is opened or the bottom plate is removed or tilted. It has five flame sensors and one temperature sensor for detecting laser engraver for wood and metal. This kit includes Smart Air Assist, a strong airflow output power of 30L/min for a cleaner surface, and automatic airflow control for engraving and cutting. You can easily obtain satisfied and amazing works and gifts by using xTool S1. 【600mm/s Faster, Perfect for Batch Production】xTool S1 20w laser cutter and engraver machine has a processing area of 498*330mm, more extensive than the fiber laser and other diode laser engraver machines, perfect for small business owners or individuals for batch processing metal business cards, wood blanks, home decor, tumblers and jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. The S1 engraver has a processing speed of up to 600mm/s, which helps efficient engraving and cutting. 【Twin-point Positioning for Extreme Precisive Engraving】xTool S1 harnesses an advanced positioning algorithm for pinpoint accuracy. The unique twin-point technique determines the exact processing location and achieves real-time tracking of the laser heads’ position in the software. It is easier to render a live feed. 0.06*0.08mm laser spot facilitates ultra-fine engraving and cutting with minimal scorching, ensuring perfect details, making S1 a great woodworking and jewelry-making tool. 【Dynamic Auto-focus for Curved Surface and Thicker Cut】The high-precision auto-focus system intelligently guides the laser beam below the object’s surface for thicker cutting (10mm basswood in one pass). The xTool S1 laser engraver also dynamically adjusts the Z-axis for multi-point measurements and automatically constructs a 3D model for perfect 3D laser print on uneven surfaces. No matter what you can imagine, the xTool S1 laser tool helps you to create. 【User-Friendly Software with AI Functions】xTool has its FREE software, named “xTool Creative Space,” which offers over 500 shapes collection and supports DIY projects and 3D laser printers. It is easy to connect via USB, TF card, and Wi-Fi. It supports multiple file formats, including SVG, DXG, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP, allowing you to make your imagination real. xTool S1 is also compatible with LightBurn software, making it the perfect companion for both beginners and professionals alike.

    Package Included:

    1 x xTool S1 20W

    1 x Smart Air Assist

    1 x Honeycomb


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