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Longer Laser B1 20W Laser Engraver Cutter

Longer Laser B1 20W Laser Engraver Cutter

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: E-bike


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Longer Laser B1 20W Laser Engraver Main Features

LONGER Laser B1 20W laser engraver is equipped with 4 core diode laser that can cut through 15mm pine, 8mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel in one-pass, 20mm basswood, and 35mm black acrylic in multi-passes.  The highly concentrated beam benefits from the longer 50mm focal length, delivering perfect precision engraving. That is even more enhanced by the smart air-assist system. And you can enjoy multi-color engraving by oxidizing the metal surfaces to 300+ various colors.

Thanks to the 450 x 440mm working area, you will be able to engrave projects of A3 sizes. The new 32-bit motherboard enables a working speed of 30000mm/min. What is more, the TMC2009 silent drivers will let you work in peace and quiet on more than 1000+ supported materials. LONGER Laser B1 comes with a sturdy metal frame, focus positioning bar, XY-axis limit switches, and eight major safety protections for your convenience. It is also compatible with various mature carving software like LaserGRBL or Lightburn and offers multiple transfer options.

  • 22-24W Output Power  & 4-core Laser Head
  • Highly concentrated laser beam, increase 20%+ cutting capability, cut 25mm basswood and 35mm acrylic by multiple passes
  • 17.72 x 17.32″ / 450 x 440 mm engraving area, especially ideal for A3 panels
  • Engraving speed up to 30,000mm/min, 32 bits chipset
  • Equipped with smart Air-Assist system automatically controlled by lightburn
  • 8 major safety protections and sturdy frame

20-24W Ultra-high Power Laser

With the most advanced six-core laser technology, Laser B1 20W has a strong 20-24W optical output power, one of the most strongest available diode-laser today, and thus a much stronger cutting ability. Laser B1 20W can cut through 15mm pine, 8mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel in one-pass, 20mm basswood, and 35mm black acrylic in multi-passes.

Highly Concentrated Laser and Stronger Cutting

With the most cutting edge laser coupling technology, Laser B1 20W has a thinner and longer focal length(50mm), yet stronger laser beam, which increase the cutting capability 20%+ stronger comparing to other 20W lasers. It can cut through 20mm basswood and 35mm black acrylic by multi-passes.

Bigger Working Frame

17.72×17.32 inches/450x440mm working area, Laser B1 20W provides a 23.75% increase in working size comparing to others, which meets the demands of most scenarios, especially ideal for A3 panels.

36,000mm/min High Speed

Laser B1 is equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard, which allows engraving speed up to 36,000mm/min, four times faster than ordinary laser engraving machines. In addition, TMC2209 silent drivers are used to effectively reduce the noise of operation, providing a faster and more enjoyable experience.

Smart Air-Assist System

Air assist pump can be automatically turned on/off. This is controlled directly by the lightburn, based on the parameters set in the program, which greatly enhances cutting ability and also significantly improves cutting precision and quality.

Multi-Color Engraving

The highenergy laser beam instantly oxidizes the metal surface, bringing 300+ rich colors to fulfill your colorful creative needs.

Eight Major Safety Protections

Eight safety protection features are installed, i.e. Move/ Flame/Offline/Motionless/Security Lock/Eye Protection/Emergency Stop Button/Zero Reset. The laser automatically shuts down when falling, flame, data disconnection, and laser head freezing over 15 seconds are detected. In addition, the laser head is automatically reset to zero to avoid burnout when fire. And the panoramic filter glass can effectively filter 99.8% of the laser, safer to use.

Engraving up to 1000+ Materials

With 20- 24W laser power and its strong cutting and engraving capacities, Laser B1 can cut or engrave up to 1000+ materials, such as wood, stainless steel, leather, silver, acrylic, cloth, and more.

Sturdy Metal Frame

Laser B1 is made with an aluminum frame with improved mechanical designs and is very stable even under high-speed working mode. This helps to make better engraving and cutting art.

Focus Positioning Bar

The laser module integrates a pull-down focus bar, which is easy to use, just pull down the focus bar, and move the bar towards the surface of the working panel.

XY-axis Limit Switches

Added X-axis and Y-axis limit switches can accurately locate the position of the laser module. At the same time, if the laser module moves in the negative direction of the X-axis or Y-axis, Laser B1 will trigger an alarm and stop the movement.

Laser Lens Protection

The laser module is equipped with a replaceable protective lens, which effectively prevents the smoke from polluting the laser lens, and greatly improves the service life of the laser module.

Multiple Data Transfer Options

Data can be transferred via different methods of Wi-Fi, USB cables, apps, and TF cards, which support offline operations. You can use it anywhere, without the limits of physical connection to a computer.

Great Software Support

Laser B1 is compatible with various mature carving software, such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn. It supports Windows 7+, macOS, Linux; engraving file formats Support JPG, PNG, BMP, G- code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, etc.


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