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X20 Max Portable Game Console

X20 Max Portable Game Console

Brand: VIVO
Category: Accessories


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Model: X20 MAX
Screen Size: 5.1-inch HD Screen (800 X 400)
Product Size: Approximately 19.5*8.6*1.66 CM
Charging Port: TYPE-C
Control Method: Button/Joystick
Save Function: One-click Save/Read
Download Method: Connect to the computer’s USB port for download
Supported Game Formats: GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SFC, FC, MD, CPS, MAME, SMD, SMC, for GG, SMS, NEOGEO, FBA.
Multiplayer: Supports Wired and Wireless Dual Controllers (Controllers need to be purchased separately)
Expansion Function: Supports HD HDMI-Compatible TV output, Language switching

1. Large Screen Display: 5.1-inch high-definition screen provides a comprehensive and vivid game visual experience.
2. Wide Format Support: Supports almost all types of game formats including GBA, GB, NES, SFC, CPS, MAME, and more.
3. Multi-function Console: Supports music, voice recording, e-books, pictures, videos, and more, adding extra entertainment value.
4. Multiplayer Gaming: Wired and wireless dual controllers support allows engaging multiplayer gameplay.
5. HDMI-Compatible Output: The console supports high-definition HDMI-Compatible output to TV, enabling games to be played on a larger screen.

Package Include:
1x X20 Max Portable Game Console
1x Charging Cable (Type-C)
1x User Manual
1x Earphone Cable


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