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AlgolaserDelta 22W Laser Cutter Engraver

AlgolaserDelta 22W Laser Cutter Engraver

Brand: Doogee
Category: 3D Printer


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Brand: AlgolaserDelta

Laser information:
Laser Module Size:132mm x 63mm x 60mm
Laser Module Weight:750grams – 1.6 Pounds
Optical Power Output:19.5 to 22W, Average 20W, Acceptable Power Output Variation +5%
Laser Output Wavelenght: 445nm (+-5nm)
Focal Distance: 55 mm (From Module Radiator to Material)
Spot Size: At 3% power: X 0.06mm – Y 0.05mm, At 100% power: X 0.16mm – Y 0.14mm, Click HERE to understand how Spot Size is tested
Spot Shape: Square
Operating Frequency: <30KHz
Operating Temperature: -10ºC – +40º | 14ºF – 104ºF, Multiple Optical Lens Assembly
Diodes Input Voltage: 8.60 Volts
Diodes Inpute Current: 3.8 Amps
Harness Specification: Data Line 4x 26AWG – 0.14 (mm2 cross-sectional area), Laser Line 4x 22AWG – 0.34 (mm2 cross-sectional area)
Connectors Type: Data Line – PHB 2.0 4Pin, Laser Line –
Life Expectancy: >10,000 Hours
Optical Lense Material: Professional focusing optical glass (quartz glass), Multiple Optical Lens Assembly


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