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Huawei AX6 WiFi Router

Huawei AX6 WiFi Router

Brand: Huawei
Category: Accessories


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Brand: Huawei
Model: AX6 WiFi Router
WiFi Standard: Wi-Fi 6+
Speed: Up to 7200 Mbps
Bands: Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
Transmission: 4K QAM
Data Streams: 8 Channels
Bandwidth: 160 MHz
Signal Amplification: 8-channel high-performance amplifiers
Technology: HarmonyOS Smart Network, Al anti-interference
Gaming Optimization: Huawei GameTurbo 2.0
Parental Control: Included via app
Security: Wi-Fi password anti-brute force, Wi-Fi anti-rubbing, camera protection, and smart device safes

1. Blazing Fast Speeds: Achieve up to 7200 Mbps with Wi-Fi 6+ technology, perfect for streaming HD movies in just 8 seconds.
2. Enhanced Data Transfer: Increased efficiency with 140% faster data transfer via 8 data streams, supporting simultaneous 4*4 & 4k QAM.
3. Wide Bandwidth: The 160 MHz ultra-wide bandwidth significantly boosts network speeds by nearly 100%, providing a smooth internet experience even with multiple connected devices.
4. Robust Signal Amplification: Equipped with 8 high-performance amplifiers for enhanced signal strength and sensitivity, ensuring excellent wall penetration and wider coverage.
5. Intelligent Interference Avoidance: Huawei’s proprietary AI technology identifies and avoids Wi-Fi co-channel interference, ensuring stable high-speed internet throughout your home.
6. Seamless Connectivity & Management: Integrated HarmonyOS for smart network management via the Huawei Smart Life App, making it easy to manage connected devices, limit speeds, and more.
7. Advanced Security: Comprehensive security features to protect your network and privacy, including anti-brute force Wi-Fi password protection and safeguarding smart devices.

Package Include:
1x Huawei AX6 WiFi Router


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